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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Accounting, continued

Dear Diary,

Oops, I almost forgot about you this morning.  Sorry about that.  My boss called me over to her office this morning and dumped a bunch of work on me.  On the one hand, it's nice to have her out of the office for two days, but then when she gets back the work gets piled on.

Onward with Accounting rants.  The other thing that I wanted to share with you is how indecisive Accounting departments can be.  This is probably 75 percent of the source of my anger.

Accounting wanted a table showing the dollar amount of loans that will have payment shock because they have reached their maximum negative amortization limits.  I made a table, it looks sexy, I feel confident and then I get a call saying, "No, that's not exactly what we want."  Fast forwarding three weeks, I have sent over ten different tables and do you know which one they finally picked?  Exactly, the very first one I made.

I, hereby, place a moratorium on letting Accounting choose which tables get put into public disclosures and reports.  They never know what they want.  Shut up Diary!  I know that you are not supposed to say "never," but in this case I am right.

The world would be a much happier and Peet's free place if Accounting would stop being so stupid.  I am glad I dropped Accounting as a second major in college.  I can not believe that at one point I tried to associate myself with them.

I need to be more assertive with them.  I'll probably get shot by some Accounting Underground Movement for saying this, but accounting, especially staff accountants, are functional and robotic roles.  Whereas Finance is a skillset that actually utilizes tools and concepts like: 1) Thinking, 2) Common sense, and 3) Practical application.

Take that Accounting!  Here's your journal entry for that: 1) Debit your self-worth and 2) Credit my Peets-fueled, self-righteous ego.

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