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Friday, June 29, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions ("Dear Diary FAQs")

(Last Updated: Monday, July 9, 2007)

How do I Read the Diary Entries?

How do I Navigate Through the Diary Entries?

  • Look for "Table of Contents" on the right (--->).  A list of chronological entries will be archived here.  Click on a month to expand it.

  • Do a keyword search like "Peet's Matt" using the search feature; also located to the right (--->).


  • [...BEEP...]: I'd prefer to keep my employers (past and present) out of this.  Originally appeared in the entry It's Okay.  Take Your Time.

  • [CREEPY]: Used to identify when to say "creepy" using sign language.  Originally appeared in the entry It's Okay.  Take Your Time.

  • [CLICK xN]: Where "N" represents the number of times to click the counter.  Used to identify when I count something that happened at work as embarrassing.  I keep track of my embarrassing moments here.

  • dd2go: Means "Dear Diary To Go."  Used when I make an entry while driving to (or from) work.  Usually involves some picture(s) from my camera phone.

  • Intra Entry: I try to make one official entry per day.  Intra entries are for when I want to post something quickly; it's intended to be used similarly to the word "Intraday."

  • iPod: My Last.fm account.  Used to show you the music I listen to at work.  My username on Last.fm is "mattrix19."  Are we neighbours?

  • Secondary Marketing: The name of the department I used to work in at a mortgage company.  Also known as "Capital Markets."


  • 11th Floor-ee(s): My co-worker(s)/friend(s) from Secondary Marketing at my previous employer.  We worked on the 11th floor.

  • Mattrix: My nickname.  Some 11th Floor-ees used to call me this.  Originally used in It's Okay.  Take Your Time.

  • Peet's Matt: My other nickname.  It's for when I drink Peet's Coffee.  The caffeine in their drinks tend to break me out of my "introvert shell."  Read "Beware Peet's Matt" for more.

  • "Double-O Diary" or "00-Diary": My diary's nickname.  I made it up for the entry It's Okay.  Take Your Time.

  • I may refer to people I work with as "freaks."  It's true my entries are inspired by interacting with them, but I enhance the "comica-bility" of the conversation(s) by making them seem "freaky."

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

WOW! This was such a helpful lesson in DD 101. Thanks for sharing!