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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Grand Opening!

You are about to read some of my innermost thoughts about my life in Corporate America.  This diary was originally started because of a person I used to share a cubicle wall with.  I could not believe the conversations I heard coming from her side of the cubicles we shared, and so I had to share them with my fellow co-workers.  Thus, Dear Diary was created.  It has been years since my original posts mainly because she left the company to pursue her "CFO" opportunties (see June 2007, Entry #5).

Recently (Q1 2007), the company I was at filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and has since been liquidated. During the down time, we found my old diary entries I used to e-mail around and had a good laugh re-reading them.  They are posted in the archive sections of this blog (see Entries #2 through #7 in the week of Jun 3 - Jun 10 2007).

I'm bringing Dear Diary back to life so that you and my former Secondary Marketing friends (a.k.a. "11th Floor-ees") can share in my experiences at my new residence in Corporate America.  My goal for these diary entries is that you will not need to know who the people are in my diary, all you will need is a sense about the type of person(s) I encounter during my days at work.  Plus it's always fun to hear the types of things people talk about at work.

Please come back to read future diary entries it just might get you through another tough day.  I'm targeting Friday, June 8th for my next entry.

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