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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is This Your Best Idea?

Dear Diary,

We have reached the end of the quarter at [...BEEP...] and now everyone is frantically trying to get everything ready so we can announce our quarterly earnings.  The genius on the other side of the building (i.e., my boss' secretary) came up with a great idea.  We received an e-mail the other day from her that said:

Talked to [Boss] - It would be a good idea for everyone to carry their cell phones if you are away from your office. thanks!

No really!?!  Actually, I prefer to use my cell phone as a paper weight in my office.  Why would I want to carry a mobile phone around with me?

I would rather have my boss mandate that we staple ourselves to the chairs and not leave instead of beating around the bush.  Can you tell I have had enough of these passive-aggressive e-mails?

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

Darn those secretaries! Good thing I'm not one anymore, huh? I'm home on maternity leave and JUST sent my e-mail that I'm not returning. I've gotta catch up with your wife though and have 2 more kids fast! Is she gonna go to 5? I still think I might.