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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pink = Success

Dear Diary,

I feel confident that I have found the way to succeed in business.  Wear pink shirts.  Hear me out, Diary.

At Bankrupt [...BEEP...] a fair amount of the Senior Management team wore pink shirts to work.  The 11th-Floorees[?] and I, used to tease them about that, but alas, they were the ones laughing at us.

They would not tell us at the time, but I have since figured out that Pink = Success.  "CHESTer," a Vice President at [...BEEP...] wears a pink shirt too.  This weekend I am going out to buy five new pink, button-down shirts.  Victory (and success) is mine.

With my luck, though, people will probably think that I am a "Save the Tatas" campaign supporter.

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