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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where to Begin

Dear Diary,

It has been so long I feel like I don't know where to start...

[Looks out office door]

(Click to enlarge)

Ah, yes, "Crazy Coffee Lady."  Or, as I like to call her, "CCL"[?] (pronounced See-cil).

A funny thing happened last Friday.  "Wall Knocker"[?] returned from somewhere and came into the office saying that a fire alarm was sounding off in the hallway.  No one in our office suite could hear it except for when "Wall Knocker" opened the door.

"CCL," being the older lady that she is, started to panic and would not stop talking about whether or not we needed to evacuate.  I was not going to evacuate because the alarm was not going off in our suite and there were no fire trucks outside.  I shared that with "CCL," but she was still worried.

Being the kind, gentle man that I am I decided to play some soothing music for "CCL" on my iPod. [Evil Laugh]

A long time ago I bought a sound effects CD with 100 various sound effects on it.  I also copied the CD to my iPod so that I could have access to it.  Scrolling through my iPod I found this track: "Fire Alarms & Trucks." [He he he]

I cranked up the volume on my iPod speakers and played the track..."CCL" went nuts.  She jumped up and out of her cubicle like Bugs Bunny being shot in the butt by Elmer Fudd and began running towards the door.

Now I feel horrible (for real) and chase after "CCL" to let her know that it was a joke.  Her poor 60+ year old heart almost gave out on me.  Maybe I'll lay off the sound effects for a little while.

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