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Monday, May 12, 2008

If It's Okay With You

Dear Diary,

If it's okay with you I'd like to start writing to you again.  I know that I said I was too busy because of quarter-end, the new baby, etc.  After some reflection, though, I think I lost my writing mo-jo (yeah, baby) and that is the reason I have been so quiet.

Alas, I found some inspiration.  A balance between you and Twitter.  I like writing Twitter updates because it is quick, easy and fun to throw out one-liners.  However, since I am limited to 140 characters I can not share fun stories with you.  Writing to you allows me to share more details about my life at [...BEEP...].

So with that, I say "Hello, my name is Mattrix." [Puts on a "Hello my name is" sticker]

Going forward I'm going to try to balance things out by using Twitter and you to document my journey while riding this train called: Corporate America.

To ensure you receive all updates, stay tuned to my Twitter page at http://twitter.com/mattrix19.  Through the magic of technology I'll have your diary entries sent to Twitter and then you can read my updates and get a link to diary entries.

This is great Diary.  I feel like you and I are having another revival moment.  Similar to my first entry almost one year ago.  I'm going to re-read that entry to reignite my man love for diary writing.

See ya later 00-Diary... [WINK]


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