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Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Morning Musing

Dear Diary,

I might be one of the few people in the world that can get upset over something as trivial as voicemail, but I don't care.  I need to voice my frustration.  I can't stand it when people misuse voicemail.

The one that bothers me the most is when someone calls and says, "Hi, its so-and-so.  Please call me back."  For anyone that leaves me a message like that I impose a 30-minute penalty until I return your call.  You can't leave me hanging with why you are calling.  Man up and tell me what you want to talk about so I can be prepared.

Redundancy is also a problem.  I find that when a co-worker leaves me a voicemail they like to repeat what I already know.  To start, when I get your voicemail, the Audix voice lady tells me who you are, what time you called and what extension you are at.  My boss is the worst at this.  "Hi, it's Jane at extension 4341.  It's about 9:00 AM.  Would you please give me a call back?"  Nothing in her voicemail adds value.  30-minute penalty!

Tell me, Diary, do I need counseling?  Be honest.  I can handle it.  A good friend of mine is a licensed, clinical psychologist and he might give me a discount.

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