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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stick and Stones May Break my Bones, But...

Dear Diary,

A while ago, my friend @PapaNug had the brilliant idea to shorten the name of my department.

[Paraphrased Conversation]

@PapaNug: Hey, Mattrix.

@PapaNug: How funny would it be if the name of your department, "Internal Asset Review" was shortened to "Internal Ass. Review."

@PapaNug is laughing and he has some of the other guys laughing too.  At first I thought he was a dork for saying that, but then Bloomberg Magazine took the name of my department and kicked me in my "front bottom" (hat tip: Brian B).

"Internal Asset Review" is a long name so the magazine shortened it to fit on a mailing address label.  The label on my magazine reads: "Matthew Mullins, Internal Ass"

Oh, yeah @PapaNug and Bloomberg!?  You're all poopie faces anyways!

Stick and stones may break my bones, but subprime mortgages will never hurt me.

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