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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Profit Margin

Dear Diary,

When others do not understand Microsoft Access and I do, it is a great way for me to build up my capital at [...BEEP...].  Recently I built a MS Access database, which has spawned itself into a new (and important) department at [...BEEP...].

Because the department is new, I have been working closely with the VP of the department.  She does not understand a lick of MS Access, thus when she asks for a report she thinks it is hard and complicated.  I am honest and tell her it is not too hard, but she still sees it as being difficult.

This morning I built a summary report in 10 minutes that quantifies her days work on one page.  I showed it to her just now and she was amazed.  She has been very kind, by talking me up to the Executive Management team she works with, which, in turn; builds up my capital at [...BEEP...].

I love days like this.  I am earning a big profit margin on this database.  It is like I am the owner of Disneyland.  I am selling you a medium soda for $2.25 and it only costs me $0.05 to make it.  That is a nice profit margin; 4,400% to be exact.

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