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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tear Ducts of Steel

Dear Diary,

One of my "resolutions" for 2008 is to use my gym membership more frequently.  After all, since I'm paying for the service I might as well go too right?  Well, I also need to find a way to strengthen my tear ducts.

Let me explain.  I finished watching a video of a marine coming home from Iraq.  He surprised his wife and kids by showing up at his daughter's school assembly.  After seeing the daughter's reaction I lost it.  Instantly, my eyes welled up with tears and now I'm trying to hide them from anyone that might show up at my office door at any moment.  I'm a sucker for those kinds of videos.  Probably because I have kids, right?

So how do I strengthen my tear ducts, Diary?  What good is it if my pectorals are perky, my biceps are bulging, my deltoids are delicious, and my glutes are gorgeous, if I have the weakest tear ducts on the block?

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