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Monday, January 7, 2008

Wake up Sleepy Head

Dear Diary,

I experienced my first blunder of 2008 last Friday.  The dreaded "over sleep in your car during lunch" problem.

After having eaten lunch at one of the greatest restaurants ever, I had 30 additional minutes to kill.  The Newport Back Bay is within walking distance from [...BEEP...] so I decided to park my car and take a quick snooze.

After dozing off, I was awoken to Nirvana's song "Rape Me."  I was still half asleep, but I remember saying, "huh, they just played that song a few minutes ago."  I sat up to look at the clock and I had been asleep for over an hour!

Frantically, I sat up and started driving.  Forgetting to put my seat belt on and forgetting to lift the back of my seat to its upright position.  I try to dash back to work as quickly as I can.  As I make a hard left at the stop sign I wipe drool off my face with my sleeve and check my hair; I have "bed head."

I park the car and do the best I can with my hair and briskly walk back into work.  No one notices I'm late and I sit down to field fake phone calls so it looks like I'm busy while I try to slow my heart beat down.

Who knew that a song like "Rape Me" would have been so helpful?  If it weren't for that song playing I might have slept the afternoon away.  From now on, Diary, I'm bringing you to all my lunches so that you can make sure I wake up on time.

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