What am I Doing?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

Dear Diary,

Maybe it is because of the longer weekend, or because I am caffeinated out of my mind, but I can't think clearly right now.  Today's entry, as a result, will be my random thoughts.

1) Why does the lady that cries get the day off because "she's too stressed?"  Today is going to be our busiest day of the month and she gets the day off.  Furthermore, why does my boss let her do that?  If all it takes to get an extra day off is crying, then I'm in.  I can cry with the best of them.

2) My knee hurts.  Probably from Disneyland yesterday.  I remember carrying a kid on my shoulders and pushing the other two in a stroller.

3) I got dressed in the dark again.  I'm wearing olive green pants with a white and grey long-sleeved shirt.  Does that match?

4) I must have shaved in the dark too.  I have a patch of hair on my neck that I completely missed.  Hopefully no one thinks that I'm trying to grow an Adam's Apple goatee.

5) "CCL" said something to me, but I couldn't understand her whispering.  So I said, "that's true" and kept walking.  Hopefully my response was appropriate for whatever it was she said.

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