What am I Doing?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Intra Entry: Kids Sick

Dear Diary,

RE: Out Sick.

1) Jonathan had a bad ear infection and a molar pushing through his gums.
2) Kayley was throwing up and had the trots.
3) Nicholas did not have an ear infection like we thought, but he still had a bad head cold.

What a Wednesday.  I cancelled Thanksgiving in Fresno, but Mrs. Mattrix-in-Law was sad and said to come anyway.  Besides Kayley being on the couch dead all weekend we had a good time.  The boys were full of meds and put on a great "We're not sick" peformance.


Aaron & Sara Warren said...

Poor kids. I always seemed to get sick around Thanksgiving. Why does that always happen?

Mattrix said...

I believe that the evil turkeys of the world release germs in the air in hopes that we do not eat them at Thanksgiving.