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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It Used to be a Small World

Dear Diary,

Did you enjoy the music video I put up for you?  Hopefully that kept you entertained during the weekend.  The Mattrix family had a fun time at Legoland.  I was able to get some cool Spongebob Squarepants Lego magnets.  And if you know me, I love me some Spongebob.

I drove into work this morning with "CB Ty."  That stands for "Carpool Buddy Ty."  He mentioned that Disneyland shut down the ride "It's a Small World" because it is undergoing "renovations."  I put renovations in quotes because the L.A. Times has an article saying that the real reason its shut down is because, on average, American men and women are 25 pounds heavier today than they were in 1960s.

That's absurd.  I'm totally on Disney's side.  They need extra time to take down the Christmas lights they put up each year, and the ride needs a little maintenance.


Oh, gotta go.  My cinnamon rolls are done heating in the microwave.

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Anonymous said...

I'm doing my part to beef up society. I've eaten more candy this week than any human ever.

I'm hoping to try out for the chargers O-line soon.