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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heidi the "CFO" Reincarnated

Dear Diary,

Bad news.  The empty cubicle outside my office is no more.  Someone will be moving in today and I am sad to report it's not good.  "CCL" (pronounced: Cecil) is going to be sitting there.  "CCL" stands for "Crazy Coffee Lady."

Once again [...BEEP...] puts the freak show stars in important jobs; "CCL" works for quality control's documentation group.  Oh great!  So the woman that is obsessed with hair dye and reads In Touch magazine every day gets to sit outside my office.

I suppose you want to know where the nickname came from.  I first met "CCL" in the kitchen months ago when I started working for [...BEEP...].  I was making coffee and moved a large pot of coffee to the counter with one hand.  She saw me and said, "Wow, you must be strong to do that with on hand."  I looked at her and said, "Not really, I'm using the handle."

Another time, I was washing my star ice cubes and she was making the coffee that morning.  To get to the coffee brewer she had to go around me.  She said, "Don't mind me I'm going behind you to make coffee."  I was fine with that, but then she did a little dance and spun around as she walked behind me and said, "Look at us!  We're dancin'."

That's when I knew that this lady was crazy.  I'm going to try to be positive about this.  By her sitting outside my office I think I might be able to get some great Dear Diary material.  Currently, I equate "CCL" to the original crazy lady that started this Diary; Heidi the "CFO".  And for the 11th Floor-ees that knew Heidi, they know that she was a cornucopia of diary entries.

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