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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Make up Your Mind for "Peet's Matt" Sake

Dear Diary,

I don't get it.  What do females want?  Right when I think I'm doing my job the way my boss wants, she switches things up on me.  Is it because I'm a bad employee and I'm walking around with my calculator up my you-know-what?  Or is it because I work for a female and she can't make up her mind?  It's got to be one of the two and I need to figure out which it is.  Because if I don't, "Peet's Matt" will show up one day and solve the problem in a not-so-professional manner.

My job at [...BEEP...] is to spit out a bunch of reports about our mortgage portfolio.  I don't like the format of a lot of the existing reports so I've begun trying to change the format.  Recently, I tried to make a PowerPoint presentation and my boss shot it down like a helpless duck flying over a pond.

She said she didn't like it because the slides do not allow room for enough information.  She's been working at [...BEEP...] for 17 years and I have been here a whopping 5 months.  So I took her advice and went back to my "information overload" format.

Today, I get an e-mail that says, "These are great reports.  Can you prepare similar charts for us?"  I open the attachment and what do I see?  A presentation by Washington Mutual that is basically a PowerPoint presentation.  What!?!  But, but, but didn't you say...?

Aw, forget it.

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