What am I Doing?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Burrito is on the Line

Dear Diary,

A certain billionaire on November 19th bought 6.8% of [...BEEP'S...] stock.  Yesterday I read that he sold 1.9% of that stock bringing his holdings down to 4.9%, which, coincidently (or not), is just below the SEC's 5% disclosure requirement (highlighted in yellow).

When I first read about the 6.8% purchase, immediately I thought take-over.  But now with the divesture of about 1.9% of the stock I can't figure out what he's doing.  Originally he was going to buy Fremont General, but backed out recently.

"CHESTer" and I, for about an hour tried to figure out what he's doing.  I'm skeptical and think he's barely below the 5% filing requirement (at 4.9%) on purpose.  So I bet "CHESTer" a Del Taco burrito that [...BEEP's...] stock would be up 2%+ today.  He thought the opposite.  He thought the stock would be down 2%+.

At 8:19 AM this morning I'm losing.  [...BEEP...] is down 7.69%.  I'm glad I only bet a burrito.  I need your support Diary, be my cheerleader and root for the stock to rally today.


Aaron & Sara Warren said...

In regards to your Twitter - 30 seconds ago: I just dropped a chip and applied the 5 second rule. YUMMY!

Mattrix said...

Sara: Well done. The 5-second rule does not apply in restrooms though, be advised. ;o)