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Monday, December 17, 2007

Dumb and Dumber Moment

Dear Diary,

Did you notice my Twitter update from Friday afternoon?  Oh boy, was I in distress!  I was totally about to pull the "Dumb and Dumber" pee in a cup maneuver (it's near minute 25 of the movie).

I was reaching for my coffee mug in the back seat when I noticed a SUV drive by and the driver could look down into my car.  That's when I realized I was insane for thinking I could get away with this on the 91 freeway during rush hour.

I did make it home, but I could not sit down for the last few miles of the trip because sitting down put too much pressure on Mr. Bladder.  I found that if I hovered above my seat it helped alleviate some of my discomfort.

When I did make it home all three kids came running to give me a hug, but I pushed them away from me, literally.  Like bowling pins, the kids fell down and I yelled, "Sorry," as I ran down the hallway.  Nicholas (22 months) cried so I had to give him some extra loves, but Jonathan and Kayley found it funny that Dad-ttrix had to pee so bad.

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

I somehow love the visual of you plowing through your kids!