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Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm an Electricianalyst

Dear Diary,

Did you know that in addition to being a world-famous analyst.  Mattrix is also a certified electrician?  World-famous analyst, yes.  Electrician, not really, but, apparently, "CCL" thinks that I am.  "CCL" does not like how cold it gets in our office suite so I told her to buy a small heater like "Firestarter."

That was Thursday.  On Friday she came back to me and said (still whispering, mind you), "I bought a heater.  Will you help me plug it in?"  That seemed odd to me, but then I thought maybe she has some joint problem preventing her ability to bend down.  I told her okay, but she stopped me and said, "No, I can plug it in, I just don't know where."

Okay, now that is really odd to me.  I showed her the surge protector she had and also a spare outlet.  I told her to pick one and to plug it in.  Still hesitating, she asked me to look with her.  Now "CCL" is on all fours and I'm squatting next to her looking at a socket.  I pointed and said, "plug it in here."  Her response, "Oh perfect.  I'm not an electrician and I'd hate to break something."

I never thought that suggesting to someone they get a heater would be so much work for me.  Next time, if she asks for help, I'll show some "plumber's crack" in hopes it'll make her think twice about asking me for electrical assistance.

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