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Monday, December 10, 2007

Episode V: Secretary Strikes Back

Dear Diary,

Do you remember this entry?  My boss' secretary wanted us all to chip in and spend $10 on a flower arrangement for National Boss Day.

She strikes again, but it is for a Christmas gift this time.  Below is her e-mail:

Its that time
Our Christmas Luncheon is around the corner and each year we get together and contribute on a gift for [Boss] – I got some ideas from Sarah ([Boss's] daughter) for a couple of presents that [Boss] would like (ice cream maker and a nice basket for logs for the fireplace). [Co-worker] and I can go out on Monday and pick it up. Is that ok [Co-worker]? Is $25 from everyone ok? Thank you!

She is still using the "here-is-what-we're-doing-but-I'll-ask-if-its-okay" sentences.  Originally, I was not going to contribute to this gift, but the fragment sentence without punctuation and a smiley face changed my mind.

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