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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back Off "Doc Brown"

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I did something that I have never done before at work.  I let a burst of rage get a hold of me and this happened.  At the time, Diary, I was furious.  "Doc Brown" in addition to being super awkward also has obsessive compulsive disorder ("OCD") for data.

♫ "You down with OCD (Yeah you know me)" ♫

I have been assigned to be "Doc Brown's" apprentice for a project.  He is updating his model which projects future home price appreciation.  I have been tasked with finding information about all kinds of things like:

  1. Population counts
  2. Median income
  3. Median home value, and
  4. Owner's equivalent rent by year back to 1987
"Doc Brown" is so anal about data that when he requests something from me he overly dictates what he needs from me.  That's what caused me to burst out with rage yesterday.  He had the nerve to tell me how to calculate a weighted-average number.

Gee, thanks "Doc."  I've been working with weighted-average numbers for like 12 years now, but sure, I could always use a refresher course.

[Sits down in a classroom desk; and "Doc Brown" starts talking]

Mattrix: "Uh huh, and then what happens oh great 'Doctor?'"

[More "Doc Brown" chatter]

Mattrix: "Really?  When I add 1 + 1 the molecular composition of the numbers fuse together to form a 2?  That is fascinating information."

[Class dismissed]

I'm glad "Doc Brown" is too afraid to leave his house in Compton to come into the office.  Things would be a lot worse for me if he was here to personally show me how to pull the data.  I imagine he would want to reenact that pottery scene from "Ghost," but instead of clay he'd be holding my hands on the mouse and keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Can I play Whoopi Goldberg's character?

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