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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cubicles Can be Dangerous Too

Dear Diary,

Below are some pictures that my cousin took while he was on tour in Iraq.  That's my cousin in the first picture.  For one of these pictures he wrote the caption: "Better than a cubicle."

That's when I had to pull my hankie out of my suit pocket and throw it on the ground in disagreement.  I'll have you know that the corporate life inside a cubicle can be dangerous too.  Granted, it's not as dangerous as driving inside a humvee through Fallujah.  But still, be wary of Corporate America.

For example, I recall an incident in late 2007 when I tried to staple some reports together and my stapler was not loaded.  I think that is totally comparable to when my cousin was involved in firefight and his M-16 ran out of bullets.

We're both pinned down in our "cubicles."  (Mine being an actual cubicle and his being the metaphorical humvee cubicle.)  At the end of the day, though, we both reloaded our weapons and continued on to complete our missions. His: to save Iraq from terrorists, and Me: to deliver a PowerPoint presentation with a pretty chart on it.


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