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Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Scott!

Dear Diary,

Today I'm going to introduce you to the good doctor.  He's not a medical doctor (MD), but rather a PhD, which I heard stood for "pretty horny dude."  But we'll save that for another time.

Our office has contracted with a PhD to help us use economics to project future home price appreciation.  He's a good man, but typically the super smart are also super awkward.  Super awkward totally applies when dealing with this guy.

I have been thinking of nicknames for the Doc, but I can't decide which one to use.  It's either going to be "White Steve Urkel" or "Doc Brown."

Reasons to Choose "White Steve Urkel:"
1) He has the Urkel walk down pat.  His back is hunched in such a way that his lower abdomen sticks out.
2) When he hones in on you, he's annoying (think "Hi, laura").
3) His belt buckle is typically at or above his belly button.

Here's a fashion tip, Diary.  If I ever buy you a book cover, never wear it above the equivalent of your "belly button."

Reasons to Choose "Doc Brown:"
1) Easy.  His hair is white and uncombed like Doc Brown in the movie "Back to the Future."
2) Every now and then the good doctor will blurt something out similar to Doc Brown's, "Great Scott!"
3) All of his e-mails end with "Yours for Mathematics."

One time, when he got excited at a meeting, he shouted a phrase so loud (I forget what it was) that I almost fell out of my chair.  Fortunately, I was not the only one that experienced it. Otherwise, I'd have an embarrassing moment to share.

As I write this Diary I'm leaning towards using "Doc Brown."  It seems like an appropriate nickname.  And, come to think of it, Doc Brown in the movie had trouble with the Libyans.  My version of "Doc Brown" has trouble with gangs.  He lives in Compton, which is another story all in itself.

Yours for mathematics (but mostly for video games),


Aaron & Sara Warren said...

I say Doc Brown.

Unknown said...

Correction: It's "old L.A." not Compton.