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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Fritter Gate"

Dear Diary,

This is totally scandalous, Diary.  Yesterday I told you about "Cliff" giving me a hard time about my apple fritter.  Today I thought that you might like to know about a development that occurred yesterday.  The "Office Gangsta" bought some pastries for the group and "Cliff" pounced on them like a stray dog stumbling across a bowl of water in the desert.

I was going to give him a hard time about it, but I decided to wait until he actually started eating one.  When he took his first bite I pounced on him.  The fury of Mattrix was unleashed and I called him out.

When my speech about health and being harrassed about my food choices ended he had little to say.  His excuse was that he did cardio that morning and could afford to eat the desert.

That's weak and I reject you completely.  Hello pot, meet kettle.

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