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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Star Cubes

Dear Diary,

If somebody asks me one more time, "What are those things?"  I don't think that I should be held liable for any of the events that might transpire immediately after said question is asked.  I am going to freak out on somebody, Diary.  I am not joking when I say that, at a minimum, 15 people have asked me what those things are that I'm washing in the kitchen sink.

[Listening to Dear Diary]

Oh great!  Thanks Diary, now that's 16 people that have asked me.  You're lucky that I know you and like you.  Had you been a [...BEEP...] employee you'd be on the floor seeing ice cube stars.

And that's exactly what "those things" are Diary.  They're re-usable ice cubes shaped as stars.  I hate, abhor, detest and extremely dislike warm milk.  I can only drink milk when it has been out of the fridge for no more than 5 minutes.  That's probably why I don't drink milk at meals.  Warm milk makes me want to blow chunks.

That's why I started using re-usable ice cubes.  I was using real ice cubes and a zip lock bag, but that got irritating after a while because the ice would melt and sometimes dilute the milk if I didn't close the bag all the way.  My lovey girl, Mrs. Mattrix, came up with a good idea and went to Tar-zsh-ay (sometimes pronounced: "Target") and bought these re-usable ice cubes.

And now, every time I clean them in the kitchen I get someone asking me what those are.  One lady even said, "I like those, they're cute!"  How does a guy respond back to that?  "Thanks, originally I was going for 'keep the milk cold,' but I'm glad I also look cute carry 'mammary discharge from a mother cow's nipple.'"

Perhaps I'm over reacting?  Maybe they're simply trying to make small talk.  But in my defense that's gotta drive you nuts right?  I mean, 16 people asking you the same question.  Where's the love?

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