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Friday, October 5, 2007

National Boss Day

Dear Diary,

I got this e-mail this morning from my boss' secretary.

Just an FYI:

Good morning. National Boss Day this year is on Tuesday 10/16/07. Would be nice to get [BOSS' NAME] some flowers for that day.. Anyone want to contribute? $10 ea.? I can order them on my card and you can just give me the $. Ok?

Not only is this e-mail riddled with grammatical errors, it is also inundated with abbreviations.  Good grief, lady!

If you want me to give you money for something that is going to wilt and die in one day then at least have the courtesy to send a well-written e-mail.

Additionally, 10 dollars from each of us will mean she's getting a $100 - $120 flower arrangement.  For that kind of money, I want to see flowers that flash neon text saying: "Happy National Boss Day."

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