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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Coffee is a Bit Nutty

Dear Diary,

My coffee tastes horrible this morning.  I think it's because there is a group of five or six people that like to drink a vanilla & hazelnut coffee flavor.

I've tried all of the other Starbucks' pots we brew and they all taste like vanilla & hazelnut.  It doesn't seem right.  I think they should go get their own brewing machine so that the other 50 people on the floor don't have to taste their foo-foo flavor.

Austin Powers[Austin picks up a boiling pot, with a stool sample from Fat Bastard inside.]

Austin: "Basil, this coffee smells like s***."
Basil : "It is s***, Austin."
Austin: "Oh, good then it's not just me."
Austin: [Smacks lips] "It's a bit nutty."

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

Remind me not to read your blog while I'm eating.

Anonymous said...

You really hit a cord with that one.

I hate when people brew crappy flavored coffee in the normal pot.

Maybe you can fix them by brewing a double strength pot of Major Dickason's.