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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm a Threat to Society

Dear Diary,

I got a parking violation at work.  When I saw the note on my windshield I smirked.  After I read the violation, I laughed out loud in the parking structure.

Parking Violation

This vehicle is parked in violation of the following rules governing the use of this parking area.  Your license plate number has been recorded.

Please assist us in providing ample and safe parking for all our patrons.  Repeated violations will be brought to the attention of responsible parties.

Any guesses as to what I did wrong?

I parked my car backwards.  I passed a parking spot and since there were no more spots available in front of me, I backed up into the one that was available.

The part that made me laugh was the "ample and safe parking" line.  How does parking backwards reduce the number of spots available?  My car was perfectly lined up between the lines.  And since when does parking backwards pose a safety threat?  It cracks me up that this parking attendant is on a power trip.  It's the same guy that yelled at me before.

I also laughed at "...will be brought to the attention of responsible parties."  Which is another way of saying, "I'm going to tattle on you."

I think I need to start messing around with this guy.  He takes his job way too seriously, he needs some laughter.  Updates to follow.

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Anonymous said...

you park your car backwards because you think it looks cooler.

admit it.

Mattrix said...

Normally that's true, but this time it was not the case. I do tell my wife though, "Sweet Rides Back In."

She likes to remind me that a mini-van is not a sweet ride. :)

Anonymous said...

Not 10 minutes ago RR and I looked out side and noticed a security guard writing down a guy's liscence plate # for the exact same reason. How funny. It might be "security day" to do that. Be careful from now on, on Thursdays.

Your ex-neighbor