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Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a Harry Potter Friday

Dear Diary,

Happy Harry Potter day!  Can you believe the amount of press and publicity this book is getting?  It's amazing how one writer has been able to change her life from single Mom writing books in a coffee shop; to Billionaire famous lady.

True confession.  I am one of those people that got on the Harry Potter train (Platform #9-3/4) well after it left the station.  A good friend of mine, told me I should read the books.  I hemmed and hawed for a bit, but I trusted him so I took his advice and began reading the books.  I actually like them.  I'm almost done reading book #4.

Any ways, I was reading through my Google Reader news feeds and I came aross this article.  If anybody asked me to combine my fiction life with business life, this would be the article to do it.  I'm a Warren Buffett fan, and now I can say a Harry Potter fan too.

Friday Fun: In the spirit of Harry's world premiere, I thought it would be fun to world premiere the new Mattrix game too.  What's your high score Diary?  Mine is 11.

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Mattrix said...

I just got 13! I just owned myself.

Aaron & Sara Warren said...

DOH! My high score was 10. You scream like a girl. :oP

Anonymous said...

I just dominated you with 20!