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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spongebob Analyst-Pants

Dear Diary,

At my previous employer, [...BEEP...][?], I had, what most people would consider, a lot of Spongebob Squarepants paraphernalia.  Calendars, "action figures," pictures, sound files, DVDs, boxer shorts, etc.

Did I write “boxer shorts” Diary?  Please strike that from your record.  I don’t want that to get leaked out to the world that I have Spongebob boxer shorts.  My Embarrassing Moment Counter would have a field day with that.

Any ways, fast-forward to today.  I have been working at [...BEEP...] for over a month now and I have not put up any of my Spongebob stuff yet.  Correction.  I have a small “action figure” -- I don’t want to say figurine because that sounds dainty and not very manly -- that is under my computer monitor.   And, to date, no one has made a comment about it.

Recently, some 11th Floor-ees[?] asked me if I had put up my Spongebob stuff yet.  I said “No,” because I am not sure how my co-workers would react.  However, I think it is time to show [...BEEP...] the true Spongebob-Loving Mattrix.  What do you think Diary?  How should I do it?  Cold turkey?  Should I show up on Friday and decorate my office with Spongebob?

I think I’ll do it.  

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

Words cannot desrcibe how awesome the attached picture truly is...too funny!

Anonymous said...

Go big Mattrix. Don't let the stiffs drag you down.

Pretend you are in Chicago and you just came back from the Merc!

Mattrix said...

You're right. The day I bring in my Spongebob stuff in, I should also wear that Donald Duck shirt I wore in Chicago. Good idea Superfreeman... eat sponge [...BEEP...] employees!!!