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Monday, June 11, 2007

C'mon...move it.

Dear Diary,

I gotta share with you something funny that happened last Friday coming back from lunch.  The campus where my office is located has a parking structure for all of the employees and visitors to use.  And the parking structure has three entrances.  One for visitors going in, one for visitors going out, and then the special monthly entrance for those of us that have key cards.

As you can imagine there could be quite a bit of cars arriving in the morning, leaving for lunch/coming back from lunch, and then leaving at night.  And so the parking structure management have two gates open for the direction that has the peak traffic (i.e., cars leaving or cars entering).  That way people can get in and out of the parking structure faster.  Very smart idea.

I was coming back from lunch and pulled up to the gate to wave my magic card to let me in and it would not work.  So I'm thinking "what's going on here?”  Well, I figured it out when the parking attendant comes running out of his booth to yell at the car in front of me.  You see the car in front of me was on the other side of the drop-down bar and was blocking me from getting into the parking structure.  All I could think of is "what kind of idiot is this?”  In my head I'm screaming "MOVE!!!!"  The car would not move.

Don't you hear the parking attendant yelling at you?  The attendant was yelling louder and louder now because the car would not back up.  He was obviously very irritated too because he had to leave his post (and long line of visitors trying to get out) because some mo-ron could not pay attention to the directional stop lights.

It wasn't until I poked my head out of my car to get a good look at the person blocking me when I realized that the parking attendant wasn't yelling at the other car.  He was yelling at me.  I was the mo-ron blocking everyone from getting out of the parking structure.  Sheesh.  And so with my tail between my legs I had to drive in reverse down what I now call "the driveway of shame" so I could get out of the way for the long line of cars trying to get out of the parking structure.

What a glorious way to finish my first week of work.  That's one for the counter [CLICK x1].

Embarrassing Moment Counter Total: 1

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

I pray I never have to drive the "driveway of shame." Too funny!

Hey, I have a blog request. Can you keep the past couple blogs that you post up too? That way I know I'm caught up just by scrolling down.

Wow, look at me making blog requests. If you like it, leave it! Just thought I would suggest, since I want to stay as current as possible with you, Diary!