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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"EMO(hio)" is Cancer

Dear Diary,

On Friday, I wrote an Intra Entry that blasted "EMO(hio)" pretty hard.  I've calmed down since then, and I would like to say that I am NOT sorry.  I still think she's a tard.  She proved to me that she is going to be "the cancer" of my department.  Everything she says or talks about is slightly negative and it eats away at you slowly.

For example, the Board of Directors decided to have their meeting one week earlier this month, which means that we have two days to load data and run our reports.  Normally, we get two weeks.  During our department meeting, our boss went around the room and discussed what each person was working on for the board package.  Everybody had something to turn in, except "EMO(hio)."

Any ways, a special project was also tasked to us and my boss said, "I don't care who works on it, just get it done."  In our heads, we were all thinking "EMO(hio)" should do it because she has nothing due for the Board.  Well, I'm sure she thought of that too because she said, "Well, since the data has not been loaded yet no one can work on the Board's reports.  So, we're all free to work on this."

That's when I knew she was cancer.  Why would you do that?  I don't understand people that don't take responsibility for their job and work.

That reminds me Diary.  Have you finished transcribing those notes I gave you?  I need them.  I told "CHESTer" he would have them by noon today.  Well, then grow some arms and get going.

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i think you need some coffee.