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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Beef With McDonald's

Dear Diary,

I've got a beef with McDonald's Store #3188. There are a number of things wrong with this franchise, but my experience this morning pushed me over the edge.

I went in this morning to get 2 Sausage McMuffin's with egg. As the lady was giving me my change she dropped a few coins on the floor. Do you know what she did? She watched the coins drop on the ground (on her side of the counter) and walked away. "Wait a minute!?!", I thought. "Where's my money?" I counted the change she managed to correctly place in my hand, and only $0.15 fell on the ground. I'm not going to create a public fuss over $0.15, but that got me thinking about what else is wrong with this McDonald's store.

My Beef With Store #3188:
1) They don't give you all your money back.
2) The manager has a nasty goiter on his neck, which I'm pretty sure winked at me once.
3) They don't have napkin dispensers. They hand you two napkins when you pick up your food. Napkin natzis. Do they have no clue they're serving greasy food?
4) They have annoying signs posted all over the store. For example:

Annoying Signs:
1) "The EVM price is the MINIMUM price that you must pay. We will substitute a larger drink for you, but you must pay the higher price. NO OTHER SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED!"

2) "We DO NOT accept cups from outside the restaurant for refills."

3) "Refills are for CURRENT paying customers that have made a purchase on the SAME DAY of their food purchase."

When a restaurant does this, it makes me want to break their rules all day long. The fact that they would take time to print and post these signs screams at me, "Take advantage of me and I'll freak out on you." I totally want to see this happen.

Will I boycott this McDonald's by not going there anymore? Absolutely not. This is a gold mine of lunch-time entertainment. These employees are really strung up on a tight leash. It's comical that they would go to these great lengths to stop a very small percentage of their customers that actually try to rip off McDonald's by not buying a drink. Or by trying to be tricky with their Extra Value Meal substitution gimmicks.

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