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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Floor Mom

Dear Diary,

Here's a quick and easy test to figure out if your company has a "Floor Mom."  Go into the kitchen on your floor and look for signs about kitchen etiquette.  Something along the lines of:

Example #1: Posted on the microwave.


....consider it.

Example #2: Posted on the refrigerator.

If your name is not on the item in the fridge then DO NOT TOUCH IT!

Example #3: Posted on the paper towel dispenser.

If you make a mess…CLEAN IT UP.

Example #4: Posted on the coffee maker.

If you take the last drip make a new pot.

Cri-za-zee isn’t it Diary?  Our Floor Mom went nuts with these signs.  Oh, and do not doubt that these signs are colorful, bold, underlined and have stupid clipart stick figures on them.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Take them down and throw them away. Replace them with one big sign that says don't leave little notes every where, it's littering.