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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who do They Think They are?

Dear Diary,
I.T. folks.  They think they're so tricky.  The I.T. department here at [...BEEP...] has cut my access to www.blogger.com.
I guess I'm alright with that, but I think it's stupid.  Why?  Well, for one I'm writing to you using my GMail Internet e-mail account.  Usually companies, when they filter Internet sites, cut off access to video sharing and e-mail sites right?  Right.  Not [...BEEP...].  We can access any Internet e-mail account that we want, but if I want to write a letter and then POST it to a blog instead of E-MAILING it, then sound the alarm.  We should not let him do that.
I also think it's stupid (and hypocritical) because do you know what happens when you visit an Internet site your not supposed to visit?  Normally, you get a message of some sort saying this site has been filtered please contact the I.T. department if you need to see this site "for business purposes."  Well, the genius Star Trekkies down in the basement managed to screw this up too.
Instead of giving me some sort of message like that, they redirect me to www.disney.com.  WHAT!?!
I.T.: "I'm sorry sir, but we don't want you to write a short blog post because it's counter productive."
Mattrix: "So instead you want me to go to Disney's website and surf they're site for hours and hours?"
I.T.: "Well, no."
Mattrix: "So then why do you send me there?  Because you know there's videos and TV shows that I can watch there.  I could also browse Disneyland."
I.T.: "Uh..."
Mattrix: "And let's not forget that Disney has an on-line game called 'Disney's Toontown Online.'"
I.T.: "Uh..."
Mattrix: "Morons."


A said...

Too funny...
Is there a way on my blog where I could reverse the order of posts? Instead of newest to oldest, have it be reversed???
Figured you would know. But it's ok if you answer off "company productive time". :)

Anonymous said...

for some reason, your anger always brings a smile to my face.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you got rocked. That's lame.