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Friday, August 3, 2007

What's Your iPod Secret?

Dear Diary,

My boss paid me a visit yesterday and somehow we got on the topic of what I listen to on my iPod.  My first response to this type of question is: "I support iPod diversity.  I have a lot of different types of songs."  That way I don't get harassed about what's on "The Pod."  She then asked, "Like what?"  I rattled off lots of kid stuff, any Disney song you would want to hear, and then I slipped up.  I revealed my iPod secret.

"I also like listening to Enya," I said.  Immediately, my stomach cringed as I recall Haywood (an 11th Floor-ee) teasing me about rocking out to the "Orinoco Flow."

My stomach was not the only thing cringing.  My boss gave me a funny look and then said, "Yeah, I don't care for 'that stuff' any more."  I tried to shrug it off and said, "I support iPod diversity."

So there you have it Diary.  My iPod secret has been revealed.

Hello.  My name is Mattrix, and my iPod secret is I have 28 Enya songs.

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

It's okay, Mattrix. My name is Sara, and I have all the Enya CDs and most transferred to my iPod. Paint the Sky with Stars, Mattrix, and load your iPod with diversity!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this.....