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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not so Amazing Hand Shake

Dear Diary,

I can't believe I forgot to mention this on Monday.  It's not very often that I get to meet a celebrity, but I got to meet one last Sunday.

On Thursday, I meet a really cool guy named Luke.  I gave him a wimpy, loose gripped handshake and it was bothering me all weekend.  I thought for sure he was going to always remember me as the "Limp Shaker."  I'm not though!

Fortunately, I ran into him on Sunday again and I walked up to him and said, "Luke, I've gotta shake your hand again.  I totally gave you a girl handshake."

He laughed and we commenced with a manly, man shake.  I tried to chest bump him too, but he must of thought I was trying to attack him because he moved away.  It's okay, though, I bounced off the wall behind him and pretended like nothing happened.

Any ways, Luke is married to Dustin-Leigh.  I got to meet and shake her hand (firmly, but not creepy-like) too.  Does anybody know who that is?  Diary, do you?

She was Miss California 2005, and, even better, was on The Amazing Race for two seasons.  This was a real treat for me because Mrs. Mattrix and I were fans of her team ("The Beauty Queens") during those two seasons of the Amazing Race.

I'm grateful that Luke was cool by allowing me to redeem myself.  I now have a handgrip strengthener so that I can prevent future "Limp Shaker" moments.  From now on, when I run into Luke I'll only be serving man-shakes.

Eww, wait.  "Man-shakes" doesn't sound good does it Diary?  How 'bout "Manly Handshakes?"

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Anonymous said...

You're a madman. How is that you're posting when you got denied by the man??