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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bankruptcy Interview


Dear Diary,
Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment to speak with attorneys, whom were conducting interviews on behalf of the Examiner.  The Examiner was appointed by the Bankruptcy Court to investigate and document the events leading up, and into, [...BEEP's...] voluntary Chapter 11 filing.
They had a team of three people, and I had a team of one.  So we have a 3-v-1 thing going on and they are winning so far... in numbers.  The interview lasted for almost 7 hours (3pm to 10pm-ish), but the fun part was they catered a nice dinner for us.  Shish-kabob filet mignon with fire-roasted veggies.  It was a total yum fest.  Nothing unusual came up during the interview, but there were some, what I would call, awkward moments during our breaks.
The first awkward moment had to be when I first arrived and we were serving drinks.  The attorneys were seated quickly and I was still up trying to serve myself ice.
SIDE THOUGHT: Here's a tip Diary.  When you host people don't provided ice tongs that barely open up.  It makes it difficult for me and others to serve ourselves a drink.  Get a large spoon or something.
The tongs I had to use were barely wide enough to grab an ice cube.  For example, if the width of the ice cube was 0.5 inches they had ice tongs that were 0.501 inches wide.  Barely enough room for me to work with.  I felt like I was playing Operation because I had to be so accurate picking up the ice cubes.  When I finally managed to grab an ice cube the tongs were at maximum capacity and they were struggling to hold on to the ice cube.  While I was motioning to place the ice in the glass, the tongs could not handle it any more and the ice cube squirted up and out of the tongs and flew across the room a good three feet (at least).  I never did find out where the ice cube went.  It melted away into the carpet somewhere in the conference room never to be seen or heard from again.  Feeling embarrassed I drank warm soda instead of trying to get more ice.
The second awkward moment happened during our restroom breaks.  The interviewer followed me to the restroom both times and stood next to me at the urinals both times.  One of those times I thought he was "fake peeing" so that he could escort me and make sure I didn't wonder off around the building looking for stuff.
SIDE THOUGHT: Here's another tip Diary.  If you want me to pee quickly so we can get back to our meeting, then don't stand next to me and talk.  When I make water I need total silence.  It's takes a while for my little workers to open the flood gates and I need silence to be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand.
When it was all said and done, though, it was actually a pleasant (and interesting) experience for me.  The nerd in me liked all the legal mumble-jumble and I've since been reading the court documents filed.  I even found my name listed as a Creditor -- I have a claim to a whopping $0 dollars.  And thus marks the completion of my first encounter with "the legal system."  I'm sure this will not be my last either.  I'm expecting to be interviewed again in the future.

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