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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KPMG Still Annoys Me

Dear Diary,

At bankrupt [...BEEP...] we used KPMG as our public accounting firm for auditing.  [...BEEP...] also uses KPMG for auditing.  I consider "KPMG" to be a four-letter word, because of five years of turmoil I went through at my old company dealing with them.  Since it is near quarter-end we've had auditors in-house reviewing loan files and, unfortunately, they are using the cubicles outside of my office to do their work.  Normally, this would be fine except that they all sit five feet from each other and they feel the need to shout at each other.

They are always having some sort of communication problem with each other.  I am glad that KPMG does not discriminate based on the age of its employees, but when there are five people (all over the age of 60) shouting and having communication problems maybe you shouldn't have them auditing a large, public company's books.

I'm going to go run an errand now.  I might be able to get a bunch of hearing aid batteries at Walgreen's if I hurry.

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