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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Me Needs Starbuck

Dear Diary,

"Floor Mom" sent an e-mail out to the floor yesterday saying:

Starbuck Dark Roast Extra Bold brewing...

I caught myself reading this a few times because I don't think I have every heard (or read) of such a long way for saying, "Coffee is brewing."

That was funny moment #1.  Funny moment #2 came when "QC Ted" clicked on "Reply to All."  Which, by the way, I am 100% in favor of.  I love it when people click reply to all.  It's a quick and easy way to determine someone's true intelligence in a public environment.

Back to our story... "QC Ted's" reply,
Thank you ["Floor Mom"] for taking care of us, caffeine-wise.

Post "reply to all" analysis:
  1. Is a response to the entire floor necessary?  Answer: no.

  2. If I'm wrong and a response is necessary, should you write more than "Thank you?"  Answer: no.

  3. If I'm wrong and a long-winded response is necessary, should you clarify what the response is for by adding "-wise" to it?  Answer: no.

  4. If I'm wrong and a long-winded response is necessary and you should add "-wise" to it, then are you "QC Ted."  Answer: yes.
Well then I'm sorry but I'm not wrong and this analysis is null and void because you're "QC Ted."  You could barely convert 24 months into years when I asked how long you have been working for [...BEEP...].

Null and void!  Good day to you sir.

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