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Monday, September 24, 2007

Manic Monday

Dear Diary,

Starting the iPod.

Artist: The Bangles
Album: Greatest Hits (1990)
Song: Manic Monday

Today is going to be a manic Monday indeed.  First up, I was asked to update a report for Monday morning's M.U.G. meeting.  Wow, check out that alliteration.  Next, I need to model an Option ARM mortgage loan so that I can track the cash flows and identify the point of unscheduled neg-am recast.  That last sentence made me sound grown up didn't it, Diary?  Then, no lunch because I'm leaving early today.

I'm leaving early because I'm meeting with a group of attorney's representing the bankruptcy court where bankrupt [...BEEP...] has filed for bankruptcy.  I'm meeting with them from 3pm - 9pm.  At first I did not want to do it because I get nothing out of it, but then they used the word "subpoena."  It was weird how information suddenly seemed to come back to mind instantly.  It's probably not related, but who knows? :o)

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

The word alliteration is not used nearly enough. Thanks for giving it some play!