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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's "Tense Thursday"

Dear Diary,

Do you like the title?  More alliteration for you to bask in.

Today is tense, but I should lead you in by mentioning what happened yesterday afternoon.  The Geriatric Auditors, reviewing our loan files, got into a fight with each other.  The "head" of the group told another guy to slow down because "it's not a race."  The other guy's professional response was, "no, it is a race and I'm not going to slow down."

How nice to know that our auditors are racing instead of being thorough with their review of our business.  It's even nicer that [...BEEP...] has the privilege of paying for these auditors too.

Back to today.  I walk in and the same two guys are now fighting with a husband-wife team that joined them today.  I told my boss I'm leaving my door shut until they leave, which is great, because now I can crank up my music.

The other part of "tense Tuesday" is that I spoke with the parking attendant that I have been having "conflicts" with.  This is the same guy that yelled at me and gave me a citation for parking backwards.

It was not a long conversation, but it was definitely tense and wrought with anxiety.

ATTENDANT: Good morning, sir.

Ooohhh, can you feel the tension Diary?  Writing it out for this entry sends shivers down my spine.  Next time I might pop a cap gangsta style on him.  Lest you forget Diary, that's how I roll.


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