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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

dd2go: White Boy Analyst

Dear Diary (to go),

Have you seen the opening scene from the movie "Office Space" where the characters are stuck in traffic going to work?  One of my favorite parts of that scene was the white guy listening to Scarface.  Straight up dog.  That was me going to work today.  I was rockin' the gangsta rap.

[Dear Diary:]  Don't you think that's [CREEPY]?
[Mattrix:]  No.

[Dear Diary:]  But you're a white boy analyst.  What do you know about gangster rap?  And how did you know that was Scarface?
[Mattrix:]  I "Googled" it.  So don't be hatin'...Bee-yatch.

[Dear Diary:]  "Don't be hatin'?"  HA!  Oh please.  You're so white I wouldn't be surprised if you thought that "Scarface" meant the movie starring Al Pacino.
Well, uh, errr...

[Dear Diary:]  [Rolling on the Floor Laughing:] You did, didn't you!
[Mattrix:]  [Angrily:] You bes' be steppin' off Diary.  Don't make me open up a can of SQL queries on you.  I'll PivotTable you so hard you won't know what hit you.  I'm representin' hardcore analysts from da hood.  I.E. out!


Aaron & Sara Warren said...

OH MAN! How did I get so lucky to check in on this mid-day? This will get me through the day for sure!

Anonymous said...

This kills me. I don't think anyone would realize you were white if you didn't include a picture. I would have sworn you were from Compton.