What am I Doing?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Call me Confused

Dear Diary,

The fires are still burning and the air still smells of dust, smoke and ash.  It's amazing how wildfires can get out of control and take out virtually anything that is in its path.  Especially when the Santa Ana Winds are blowing.

While it's not appropriate to laugh about the wildfires and the destruction it has caused, I do find the people talking about the wildfires funny.  So I am going to laugh at them instead.  Particularly, people that smoke cigarettes.

I find it very funny and ironic that the smokers at [...BEEP...], whom are going outside to smoke, are complaining about the ash and air quality.  After their smoke breaks they come back inside the building and say, "Can you believe all the smoke and ash in the air?  I can hardly breathe."

What!?!  Do you not hear what you're saying?  Where do you think you just came back from?  A trip to the oxygen bar?  When you smoke a cigarette aren't you purposefully lighting something on fire and then inhaling the smoke, ash and toxins?

Call me confused, but I would think that of all people, cigarette smokers would be fine with this.  They should be grateful that they are getting a free hit from Mother Nature.