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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stick Bug

Dear Diary,

Stick Bug "Stick Bug" is "QC Ted's" manager.  She complains, quite frequently, about how cold she is and so, she has to drink, quote: "really hot coffee to stay warm."

Being the 6 foot 2 inch fly on the wall, I look over at her and realize that this woman must be so cold that her brain has hypothermia.  "Stick Bug" is dressed like she's ready for that Labor Day heat wave we had this year to come back.  She's in a short-sleeved shirt, has a jean skirt on, and is wearing Roxy flip-flops.

I'm no Gap store manager, but shouldn't she be dressing for fall instead of summer?  Seriously, Diary, she is a 5-foot tall woman that looks like a stick bug.  She has no meat or anything on her.  She's skinnier than Courtney from this season's Survivor (Season 15).

If you are cold, then put some clothes on and/or gain lots of weight.  But stop telling every person that comes into the kitchen how tough life is as a stick bug.

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

My guess is Stick Bug likes drawing attention to her body!