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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Traffic School

Dear Diary,

Last night I completed my required eight hours of traffic school.  Do you remember why I had to go to traffic school, Diary?  Oh c'mon.  You have no clue?  Gee, thanks for caring.  I hope I don't put you out too much with all this stuff I write about.

Shut up!  You're a diary.  You're supposed to keep track of this kind of stuff.

Anyways...I need to move on.  I had to go to traffic school because I got a speeding ticket back in June.  I was doing 87 MPH in a 65 MPH zone; which, it turns out, is a tad bit faster than I am supposed to go.

So yeah, traffic school sucks.  I told Mrs. Mattrix that I would rather have the point on my record than be associated with some of the people that were in the class.  Here are the top three moments.

Traffic School Top 3 HighLowlights

1) My "school" was at the Chino Motel.  I swear I could feel diseases crawling all over me trying to infect me with whatever it is they were.

2) My "professor" was an obese lady whom would say "good morning" to everyone that walked into the classroom.  The thing is, is that the class was held at night.  It was pitch black outstide and she would still say, "good morning."  Even funnier than that was that people would reply back to her with, "good morning."

3) A couple of times we talked about stuff that could (or could not) be in your car.  More than once the "professor" said "I've got junk in my trunk;" which I could not help from laughing at every time because, you see, she was obese.

I have never been to traffic school before, but I was 100% disappointed.  Are we supposed to learn something at these things?  And are we supposed to take tests at the end of it?  We did none of that...we didn't learn, and we didn't take a test.

I'm probably stupid for saying this, but I'm going to call the "school" and DMV to complain.  Taking traffic school online is prohibited now, but I know that I could have learned more from an online course than from what I had to sit through for eight hours.

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