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Monday, October 22, 2007

Caution: Winds Ahead

Dear Diary,

So that was a very windy night wasn't it?  Very scary at my house.

I was sitting on my porch watching a tree sway back and forth for about 15 minutes.  I left to go finish watching the NFL football game Sunday night.  Then, all of a sudden, I hear Mrs. Mattrix shouting, "Uh oh!  The tree fell."

Poor tree.  It was 30+ years old, 40 feet tall and was solid as a rock.  I've never seen it sway before, at the base of the trunk.  Last night, however, with 60mph wind gusts was just too much.

I'm just grateful this did not fall on my cars.  They're parked about 10 feet away to the right.  On the bright side, I've got a lot of firewood coming my way.

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

I'm glad it didn't fall on your house!! It's been crazy around these parts!