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Friday, October 12, 2007

Intra Entry: Is it me?

Dear Diary,

Is it me?  Am I the one that is being cranky because it's an e-mail from "Firestarter?"  Am I justified for feeling irritated by her e-mail?

I asked "Firestarter" for some numbers to put in a memo I was writing.  Here's my e-mail in response to the numbers she sent:

For the Option ARMs...

Mar-06 = 489,900
Jun-06 = 157,322

That is a large drop in balance.  Is that accurate?

Then she writes back:
Those aren't balances, they are originations for each month.  They are accurate.

Um, yes they are balances!  They are balances at loan origination.  It irritates me so much that she is like that.  Where does she get this attitude from?  Her constant chain-smoking?  All I wanted was a confirmation of the drop in dollar amounts.  Not a lecture in terminology.

She was an IT major in college.  Her title is Junior Analyst and she has been in the mortgage industry for about 2.5 years.  I was a Finance major in college.  My title is Senior Analyst and I have been in the mortgage industry for about 10 years.

I show respect to my seniors (within the company).  Where's my respect from her?  I know what I'm talking about "Firestarter."


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Anonymous said...

I like mad Matt the best. Nice Matt is nice, but mad Matt makes me giggle at work.