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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Firestarter" Got Owned

Dear Diary,

"Firestarter" just got owned.  It was awesome!

[...BEEP...][?] was trying to file it's 10-Q with the SEC last night, but couldn't because accounting could not tie out two numbers our department provided.  I'm responsible for one number and "Firestarter" is responsible for another.  Here's the e-mail I got from "Firestarter" this morning:

[Boss' name] asked me to ask you to please send the Projected Recast report for back up?   (Make sure it ties to the numbers in question first.)  Thanks!
Please note, Diary, the "please make sure it ties" sentence.  For one, why would I send bad numbers to the Chief Financial Officer?  Answer: I wouldn't.   For two, why are you telling me this?  Answer: Because you love drama.  And for three... well, I don't have a third one.  But you get the idea.

Any ways, back to the story.  I sent my number, it ties out, and I am off the hook.  A few minutes later "Firestarter" sent her e-mail and look what happens next.  This e-mail is from a big shot in accounting.
The report seems to say $2 million when our 10-Q says $7 million on page 35?

We need to resolve this this morning.
Interesting!  Somebody didn't tie her number out before sending it.  Practice what you preach sister!  Boo-yah-ka.


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